Why Become A Club Pro Member?

...A little girl asked her Mother one night, "Mom, Why doesn't Daddy ever have time to spend with me? The Mother

replied, "Well, Honey. Daddy is very busy at work and many times he has to bring his work home because he doesn't

have time to finish." The little girl says to the Mother, "Then why don't they just put him in a slower group..?"

So don't be in the wrong group! - Antonio



Club Pro Members are the advanced group of MyEcon and Cash2Assets Club. They are

willing to do the things that are necessary to progress and succeed in the area of Network Marketing!


They are Professionals and they only want the best outcome for their team and for

themselves.  Club Pro Members study, they research, they have a neverending desire

for education and development.


They are ethical, responsible and above all, they are INSPIRED TO BECOME GREAT! 


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