Technology Killed Child Support

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Technology Killed Child Support was created to help single household families, and in many cases, new household families and new relationships.


They learn financial strategies to help them increase their household income and to become financially empowered. Doing this will offset the financial cost of a child support order or responsibility.


We have helped families and individuals for 3 yrs with strategies and education. We believe that, if we can help families or a person, reduce the additional stress that a child support order can present, we know that the child, no matter if he or she receives support or not, the household can have a better chance of a successful future. 


There are hundreds of thousands of children without a mother or father in the home. Children are 20 times more likely to finish school, attend college and have a successful family themselves when money is not a burden.



One day child support will be uniformly reformed and fair or completely abolished! Until then, the best defense to anything unfair is a great offense.  

To expand our efforts we have

teamed up with the United Peace Federation of Las Vegas to increase the number of families and Individuals we can help! As an Ambassador of Peace, it is my mission to see all man and women raise healthier and wealthier homes.


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